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Yes, I am back in the East Bay for part II. Part I has been amazing but the excitement never stops. I am digging for cool places that go beyond the guide book and the advice of your local bay area friends. This guide is for those of you who want to see more than the just golden gate bridge, to understand the culture, to see like the locals with the locals. If anyone has any cool suggestions for places to visit in California, please send them my way!


1) Outdoor Movie Screening

What’s better than a outdoor movie on a summer day? Bring your favorite beverages, ice-cream, a warm blanket and spend a beautiful evening watching the sunset and a movie at the same time. More than that, Jack London Square also has a lot of events like Workout Wednesdays, Dancing Under the Stars and more. You can find more information at link below. Hellagood-1



Two warm cookies and a huge scoop of delicious ice-cream for $2. I am sold. There is usually a long-line that stretches out of the shop but the service is so fast that I’ve never waited for more than 10 minutes before my turn. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out there are about 8 flavors of cookies and more than 15 ice cream flavors. *Wicked Hellagood-13



3) The Cheese Board Collective

This is THE Pizza place for all student in Berkeley and there is a good reason why. Their pizzas never have meat and are topped with organic and local ingredients whenever possible. Everything is made fresh daily! For $2.50, you get a large slice of pizza and a little extra on the side. A downside is that sometimes you might need to be in line for 30 minutes. But you might be lucky if you head over after or before the lunch crowd.

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I have met Chris and Denise in their house party last winter when I invited by one of my Couch Surfing host. This time round when I am back, I have been crashing at their place for almost a week. They are both super cool and laid back folks. Their house is filled with eclectic artworks created by Chris and the friends.

Chris’s artwork is being exhibit in Downtown Oakland right now. Bay Area folks, please go check it out! More info can be found on their facebook page,

Artsy folks, you are in it for a treat!






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Oh yes!!! I am back in California. After the whole robbery experience in Latin America, I went shopping and got myself a new second hand Macbook. It is $400 discount off the retail price and only 3 months old – I am so happy. I even gave a welcome kiss to my new MacBook. My friend brought me a second hand Camera from Singapore, thanks Matais and Yue Hua. With my new camera and Macbook, I am officially back to blogging again!

I have started my internship with Mary from Very Merry Events and it has been very exciting. We just did our first event together – Ceremony Magazine Event. She put together a table scape design with the theme of industrial-chic.  She also drew her inspiration vision out and it was magical to see it come alive at the event. *I wish I can draw like that*




I had took the fun DIY light-bulbs projects! Initially, we wanted to tie name tags to each light bulbs but office got into a flood and we ran out of time to do it – bummer’ Imagine how beautiful it would be with handwritten calligraphy of your name on the light bulbs. Click here for the tutorial of the light bulbs and more photos of the event.

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It’s Valentine day in Oaxaca, Mexico. I am staying with a really great host, Pablo who not only helped with food, attraction recommendation but also taught me a lesson of Salsa. Pablo is having one of those tough relationship: Long-Distance Relationship. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to return the favor by helping him with this romantic idea 🙂

Step 1: I took a black and white photo of a beautiful street in the centro of Oaxaca

Step 2: Choose your most mushy line and print it to a A2 paper.

Step 3: Take another photo!

I am going to Guatemala tonight, do you guys have any awesome friend there to connect me with? That would be rad!

Let me know what’s your sweetest Valentine gift!

Happy Belated Valentine’s day.




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Hola Amigos,

Como están?

Yo estoy en Mexico. Muy genial!

When I was up in Sacramento, I  met some of the most creative, down to earth, happy people in the States. Thank you so much for making me feel so at home; Caroline Winata, Kate Miller and Lyn Win. I want to introduce you guys to, Audrey Chaney. She is a florist, mocha addict, stylist, DIYer, baker and Hoarder. Check her blog out – Thank you Rani for introducing me to a good friend. We went on treasure hunting and found ourselves with a stunning vintage suitcase and some old maps. So, there’s our creation!

Materials Needed: Old Map, Decoupage, Brush, Scissors.

Step 1: Cut the map out into small pieces
Step 2: Put a layer of Decoupage on the suitcase.
Step 3: Stick your map and overlay each other.
Step 4: Finish it with a layer of Decoupage and wait for it to dry.

Now that I am out of America. I am just wondering what I am going to post on this blog. Any ideas? Photo-journalism? Video? More cute dogs photos? Foooodddd!!!

Peace out. Im going to enjoy my days in Mexico!!