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Yes, I am back in the East Bay for part II. Part I has been amazing but the excitement never stops. I am digging for cool places that go beyond the guide book and the advice of your local bay area friends. This guide is for those of you who want to see more than the just golden gate bridge, to understand the culture, to see like the locals with the locals. If anyone has any cool suggestions for places to visit in California, please send them my way!


1) Outdoor Movie Screening

What’s better than a outdoor movie on a summer day? Bring your favorite beverages, ice-cream, a warm blanket and spend a beautiful evening watching the sunset and a movie at the same time. More than that, Jack London Square also has a lot of events like Workout Wednesdays, Dancing Under the Stars and more. You can find more information at link below. Hellagood-1



Two warm cookies and a huge scoop of delicious ice-cream for $2. I am sold. There is usually a long-line that stretches out of the shop but the service is so fast that I’ve never waited for more than 10 minutes before my turn. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out there are about 8 flavors of cookies and more than 15 ice cream flavors. *Wicked Hellagood-13



3) The Cheese Board Collective

This is THE Pizza place for all student in Berkeley and there is a good reason why. Their pizzas never have meat and are topped with organic and local ingredients whenever possible. Everything is made fresh daily! For $2.50, you get a large slice of pizza and a little extra on the side. A downside is that sometimes you might need to be in line for 30 minutes. But you might be lucky if you head over after or before the lunch crowd.

Click here for the rest of the guide


4) Birdland Jazz Club

Birdland is the most highly guarded secret of Berkeley. It is only to be introduced to cool people. (I assumed everyone who reads my blog is cool) Write an e-mail to Mike, the founder, and he will sort you out. It is run solely from Mike’s garage in Berkeley. With a $10 donation to the musicians, you get to enjoy the flowing of freshly BBQ Chicken, bread, and non-alcoholic drinks with great live jazz music from 9pm to dawn. BYOB.

It started out with an idea to eat barbecue every Friday evening with friends and neighbors, gossip about the latest news and happenings, and listen to some live music. They also run really cool workshops ranging from birdhouse building to Tai Chi. Hellagood-20


5) Albany Bulb

This little piece of land near Berkeley is a former landfill that overseas San Francisco. The bulb has been abandoned and taken over by vegetations and the homeless. I love that they don’t put up signs and you could choose any path; it is treasure hunting for super cool art. Be prepared to eat blackberries during the right season. Don’t forget to bring a jacket!




6) North Face Outlet

Who would know that North Face is actually born in San Francisco. Their outlet is filled with every kind of equipment needed for a successfully travel. The price are about 50% off the original. Go stock up!!!




7) Urban Ore

A proper salvage store that has tons of cool finds if you are willing to dig! See the pictures. Hellagood-22



8) Rock Paper Scissor Collective


9) Yipit

Yipit is a coupon search engine that combines all the different deals from different online coupon websites into one. The website also connects to Yelp to allow you to see the rating of the business. They have deals for food, wine, activities, classes, and electronics. You can use this for all of the USA, just put in the location that you are in. 171210125219yipit


These are more places I am going to check out soon. Be back for more updates 😉

– Thai Buddhist temple eat

– Mountain View Cemetery

– Redwood Regional Park



  1. Mae B.

    I wanna go with you to the mountain veiw cemetary! Its the one on Piedmont right? There’s a nice hole in the wall sushi place nearby that Marie n Chris took me to once.



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