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Thanks all who have came for the birthday party! I hope you enjoyed it as much as me. A big thanks to mum, dad, Shermaine and my whole family. I just love the fact that mum grew all these herbs and I could use them! Some photos to remind us of the good times:)


On the table are Basil, Rosemary and Dill. Mint is inside with the water! For the table decoration, I used sea salt, lemon, tea light candle holder (ikea), flowers pot (ikea) and assorted scented mix of stuff (ikea). All these items cost very little and I guess it just pretty much came together:)

Thanks so much, Shermaine. For making this happened for me. I am still reading the letter that you guys wrote for me and will be sending out postcards soonest:)

This poster was made by Philip from my last party. I have many amazing friends in my life that does amazing things. I just wanted to remind all to dream bigger, keep growing, keep learning. Its a journey, a lifestyle of discomfort and small pleasure.


I’m going to have some amerciano pancakes today and making my way down to San Marcos for a one-week shadowing of a wedding planner, Heather from Amorology Wedding. Good Times.


  1. Linda

    Hej Bryan,
    Wish we could have been there and contributed some good vibes – it must really have been a special night, particularly with all that intention and care going into greetings and wishes for you to bring along 🙂
    Sending much love across the oceans
    the grand voyage ~

    1. BRYAN Post author

      Hello Linda!!!

      Thank you for the love. *Catching it big hands* Words can never express my gratitude I have for you in my life. Thanks for the superb packing lessons! Already reaping the benefits:)



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