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The best part of this trip was randomly meeting inspiring people all over the world. Today, I introduce you, Kristen Hoard, an artist and a friend who constantly scared the shit out of me. She is also a Burning-Man preacher, Couchsurfer and a Hella-hardworking individual.

My visit with Kristen in Sacramento, California filled me with awe. She graciously hosted me in her gallery (her house) which even included a Bathroom gallery. I immediately insisted on a studio tour.

Upon stepping in, all I see is HEAVY Metal and foreign looking machine that spits Plasma Rays. If I didn’t know she was an artist, I might call the cops and report the hideout of a Super Villain. Below, is the Lotus flower is what she used on a normal BBQ night for Smores and Sausages which also double up as a Heater in the cold desert during Burning Man. How is it not the coolest-house in California?



Every month, Kristen hunts for scrapped metal at the salvage store and ‘Plasma‘ it into beautiful art pieces at her workshop.



Hellagood-7 Hellagood-8 Hellagood-9

What was usually never shared in most stories is Kristen, despite being badass at her work and selling at art fairs, also hold a day job to pay for her necessities and an assistant. Life is not easy as an artist, she does what she can and loves every minute of it. For that, I respect her. Instead of complaining about her busy life, she works hard to do what she wants as a passion. Every time I imagine myself working with those metal, I suspect that Kristen is Superwoman in disguise.

Kudos and much respect to this woman, Kristen Hoard.

See more of her artwork at



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