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Home of DJ Tom Shellsuit

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In the midst of spicy Thai food and a old dingy building, is the home of a DJ Tom Shellsuit. Filled with an eclectic collection of street art, vinyl and boom-boxes, his home reflects his interests and influences during the last 10 years spent in Singapore.



Having started out in print and advertising, Tom is now a full-time DJ and promoter for two pretty awesome collectives, Sideshow and Pushin’On – Go check them out when you are in town.

Loving this mixtape from old school vinyl found in Singapore!

Chinatown Vinyl Squad Mix (sample) by Shellsuit on Mixcloud

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Inspiration Monday 01

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It’s been ups and downs trying to solve the hacking situation to the blog. Overall, it has been a learning journey and Hellagood is back. I am start a new series of Inspiration Monday to share a collection of web links that have inspired me.

Have a energized week ahead, boys and girls. Here are a few links for your enjoyment…

Inside a textile factory in America

An entire city of fish house

The latest invention in the make-up industry

A great guide to lens and DSLR

Simple Watermelon salad for the week

Next diving adventure, Sunken Civilization, Heracleion

Beautiful Origami Lamp from Holland

A tribute to Maya Angelou; an video interview with Dave Chapelle


Photo via Chris Payne Photography


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Today, I am so happy to be sharing with you the lovely shophouse apartment of Linda Solay, maker of Fyall scarves and Philip Solay. Linda and Philip are both amazing people in this world that have traveled to many places in the world and decided to set foot in Singapore for a little while. While in Singapore, they rented a lovely shophouse and started putting love into their home. The home reflects so much of their personality, creativity and life’s philosophy.

If you felt the similarity of my room that is because there a little bit of Linda in it as well 🙂





This bicycle must the pride and baby of Philip. On a quick glance, it looks like a hipster fixer brought straight from the store. But hang on, did you notice the “Phoenix” close to the paddle. This was a junk bicycle that Philipp brought at the side of the road from a old man and took it home to rebuilt it. I want to build my own bike too!!




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The best part of this trip was randomly meeting inspiring people all over the world. Today, I introduce you, Kristen Hoard, an artist and a friend who constantly scared the shit out of me. She is also a Burning-Man preacher, Couchsurfer and a Hella-hardworking individual.

My visit with Kristen in Sacramento, California filled me with awe. She graciously hosted me in her gallery (her house) which even included a Bathroom gallery. I immediately insisted on a studio tour.

Upon stepping in, all I see is HEAVY Metal and foreign looking machine that spits Plasma Rays. If I didn’t know she was an artist, I might call the cops and report the hideout of a Super Villain. Below, is the Lotus flower is what she used on a normal BBQ night for Smores and Sausages which also double up as a Heater in the cold desert during Burning Man. How is it not the coolest-house in California?



Every month, Kristen hunts for scrapped metal at the salvage store and ‘Plasma‘ it into beautiful art pieces at her workshop.



Hellagood-7 Hellagood-8 Hellagood-9

What was usually never shared in most stories is Kristen, despite being badass at her work and selling at art fairs, also hold a day job to pay for her necessities and an assistant. Life is not easy as an artist, she does what she can and loves every minute of it. For that, I respect her. Instead of complaining about her busy life, she works hard to do what she wants as a passion. Every time I imagine myself working with those metal, I suspect that Kristen is Superwoman in disguise.

Kudos and much respect to this woman, Kristen Hoard.

See more of her artwork at



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Let me start by saying that Year 2013 was the “Year of cool Grandpa” because I know 40 years down the road my grandkids would be gathering around my rocking chair, begging for another story from this year. “Oh.. when I was volunteering in Nueva La Merced, Guatemala…”

When writing this post, I went through all my posts. It was amazing that the blog has a total of 85 post already and I love all of them! *some self love going on here*  It was an Awesome year, despite getting robbed of everything precious I owned, not showering for an entire week, and having hot llama blood smeared on my face, I love every single moment of it. If I were to die of some weird disease that consist of me staring at the computer screen for too long, just know that I am happy and you should be for me too. (P.S. Don’t tell this to my mum)

Hellagood-3Mexico, my favorite country in this trip. I ended up going back again to Mexico and stayed a total of 10 weeks. When I looked back, it might be because of the road-side taco stands and Corona. Definitely also go to Puebla which is 2 hours away!

I want to thank everyone who graciously accepted me into your home with welcoming hugs. It takes huge courage to invite a stranger to your house and for that you all deserve the Nobel Brave Award. You guys are great and I have learnt so much from every single one of you. Most cool stuff in the house: Lyn, the hoarder. 
Most creative house: Lam Le.

2Favorite wedding: Sarahbeth and Tyler


Favorite Recipe: Twice Baked Potato

Hellagood-7Favorite Craft Project: Valentine Surprise Poster


I learnt to be kind to people and you will be delightedly surprise: Random acts of kindness

Hellagood-4bFinally, guess what was the favorite post from you guys – me being a bum! (153 likes!)

DCIM102GOPROSingapore, here I come!