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If you have been following me on Facbeook or Intstantgram, I have literally sent myself back to pre-school practicing bloody annoying WRITING. There comes a point where I can’t lie to myself anymore that I have bad handwriting – my mum telling me so when she read my postcard to her.

I took time from my holiday, sit myself behind a desk and started writing. I can’t say surely that my handwriting changed for the better but I am sure that my calligraphy has improved heaps. Hence, I want to write this post to give you a short crash course on where and how to learn Calligraphy. Most importantly, not to make the same stupid mistakes that I do.

1. You can learn most things for free or very little money – don’t need to attend a class every time.

2. Don’t be a cheap skate and buy some good paper – it makes a different.

3. There is no such things as talent. It is called practice.




Before you start, choose what want to learn. There is basically only a few types of styles. The picture below will give you a general idea. This will prevent you (not me) from waste your time or money. I have personally tried 2 kinds of Calligraphy – Italics and Modern. In this post, I will be focusing on Modern/Pointed Pen Calligraphy. If you have question, just post it on the comment sections.




Before I started, I head to the local art supplies store and thought it would be an easy purchase of a calligraphy set. I was wrong! Calligraphy is an lost art in the most part of the world. Simply going in an art store and ask for advice would probably get you confused looks and shrugged shoulders. I admit of being a cheap person and to try calligraphy with the least amount of start-up capital as possible. Just follow closely the list I provided for you, it will only cost you less than $20. If not, it would wasted effort, resources and piles of crumpled-up paper with bleeding, amateurish “scripts” all over the page or a lot of junk you don’t need. (see picture below)

1. Black Ink
2. Pen Holder
3. Nikko G nib
4. Dinky Dips for easy dipping of nibs instead of dipping into the whole jar of ink. (good to have)
5. Pipettes for filling ink into your dips (good to have)
6. Manuscript ink calligraphy pen for writing Italics





I hope I’ve given you some tips if you fancy having a go at calligraphy yourself. When you get to a certain standard, send your friends a surprise letter with your new found hobby and blow their mind away.


I can’t help to brag about my good friends, Silvia. She brought me an old school stamp that is made with metal, they don’t make it anymore! If you are in Mexico City, please come visit her thrift store/cafe! 




and have patience..  Hellagood-43


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