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Someone asked me today”what is the biggest turning point of your life?” I pondered for a long while. There are a lot of events and decisions that changed my life dramatically but if there is one; it will be the volunteering trip in Thailand back in 2008.

When I was 18, I owned a DJ set pioneer MKIII. A huge investment that was put to waste in my hands. I decided to sell it. Days later, Niki showed up in my house with her mum to buy the system. Debbie, her mum, works at Straits Times as a journalist, quit her job to be a volunteer at Japan counseling suicidal kids. Now, she leads a volunteer project in Bangkok, called Central Thailand Mission. The project gathers resources and distributes them to the needy in Thailand. I was inspired and wanted to make it happen. However, new to the solo traveling idea, I was afraid and tried asking my friends to tag along. Although the idea of volunteering sounds noble, no one including me, could really afford the time nor the money for it. Back then, I was a student and poor. So, I put aside my ego and went around gathering donations to make the trip a reality. Debbie was kind to provide me with donated coasters for me to raise fund for my trip. Finally, I managed to convince myself and my worried mum and took off on the plane.

I was scared but looking back.. It change my life.


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