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Are any of you guys fan of homemade videos? I am in love with it. I am super excited today to share some new videos that I have recently made!

1) Caroline Winata, has started a Photo Booth and invited me to one of their events while I was in Sacremento. Hope you are doing well, Caroline 😀

2) This video was made for during my internship with Mary, Very Merry Events for her online Skillshare Event Sketching workshop. Pardon for the last part of the video, it’s a little out of sync 😛

I have been creating video ever since my first solo trip out in 2009 to volunteer in Thailand. Looking back, that might the TRIP that change my life. In 2009, on the wave of being cool, I owned an expensive turntable set on the note that I would be a DJ someday. It turns out that I just like listening to music and I have other traits I would like to focus on. I put turntable up on a forum and a girl showed up with her mother, Debbie (supposedly her friend). I later found out that her mum runs a non-profit organization, Central Thailand Mission in Bangkok, Thailand. The project gathers resources from Singapore and Thailand and distribute it to different organizations in Thailand.

I am inspired go over in my holidays and Debbie has kindly offered her hospitality. Being the young teenager, I wanted company and started asking friends to join me on this adventure. No one could make it. I, fly over to a different country and stay with this lady I barely knew. There was a lot of uncertainty and I was hesitant. The feeling was like taking that first kiss, you know the time is right, the opportunity is there, but you are afraid. Afraid of what? of being rejected, of hurting your self-esteem, of losing your ego?

Long story short, I took a 13 days trip to Thailand and made a video to raise money for them. Now, I am 11th month into my travels. Baby steps.. right?

I strongly encourage everyone to start embarking on small adventures and make some indie videos. It could be just as easy as compiling photos and playing a song over it. 10 years down the road, it would be a memory well preserved.

Click more to see more video that I’ve done!

 Oh.. How can I forgot about this Volunteering adventures in Guatemala. I was stung by a small scorpion while riding a pick-up truck and got shot at (luckily it didn’t hit me).

Oh Heather, Troy, Christine and family! They were so kind to take me in to help them on my first visit to California. Up till today, one of my favorite wedding that I’ve ever been to. I remembered doing so much fun DIY with Amorology Wedding.



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