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Hello from San Francisco,

I am being feature on a blog by a fellow Singaporean, Huiwen. She had just quit her day job as a property analyst. Huiwen now spend her time on inspiring people changes in people through her blog while finding joy and meaning to her life 🙂

“The wheels were turning and a bicycle was what led Bryan and I to cross our paths in life.

We were both riding almost the same vintage-style bicycles from the same bicycle maker. Even though it isn’t in the cultural DNA in Singapore to just chat up a random stranger on the streets, but Bryan is different and that was how we became friends.

Being an avid couch surfer and host, he had with him a guest from Taiwan. Ever the effusive host, right there and then, he invited us to cycle with him to Wimbly Lu, which was a quaint cafe near his home where he did some holiday jobs before.”

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1.    What is your idea of a life well lived? Are you living it?

It is a life that is filled with joy and no regrets.

2.    As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Is that dream still valid?

As a child, I just want to grow up. Just I’m all grown up now.

3. Tell us about your biggest life changing experience.

It is the thailand’s volunteering trip when I was 18. I was selling my turntable back then and that led to me meeting the buyer’s mum who happens to be leading a volunteer trip to Thailand. The project was to gather resources and distribute it to the needy. I was inspired by the idea and wanted to make it happen. However, being afraid I tried asking some of my friends to tag along but because of money and time – It didn’t work out. In the end, I pushed through it with the little money that I saved up. I had to persuade everyone especially my worried mum and this is the first time I found myself sitting on the plane alone. I was scared but it is also the best experience that changed my life.

Check out the video of his trip here: Thailand Volunteer Trip

4.    What keeps you going every day?

People, ideas and sunshine.

5.    What does failure mean to you?

Not trying.

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