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An emergency kit is not meant to save the dead but it will definitely save you a lot of trouble when on the road. Don’t even wanna get me started telling you how hard is it to get a packet of painkiller using sign language. !@£$$!@£@*

After many weeks of researching and asking friends. I packed my kit based on a few pointers;
– Common traveling illness / injuries
– Weight
– Price
– On-site treatment to prevent further worsen of injuries

I use a shower bag to compartmentalize all the medications. You can get it cheaply at any army market.

1) Tiger Balm
This is one thing done right by a fellow Singaporean in the 1980s. If you have traveled Asia, you will know that it is one of the miracle balm that cures most of your worries. Its cures itchy mosquito bites, blocked nose, headaches, stomach upset, cold, muscles aches and even bladder pain. Do note that there are more than one variety these day so just buy the Tiger Balm Red (original).

2) Latex Barrier
A few shots of Tequlia in the bar of mexico, you meet the love of your life with half your brain working for you. You don’t want to end up screwing the chance up and furthermore go back home with more than just love from that night. Condoms should always be equip with you at all times in case of emergencies.

3) Plaster / Gauze / Bandage / Bacidin / Surgical Tape
Cuts and wounds should be attended to quickly so as to not caused a serious infection that may delay your trip. I use Bacidin as an antiseptic cream which also doubles for abrasions, burns and skin infection.

4) Vitamins C Pills
When you feel that you are about to fall sick, take a pill – prevention is better than cure. Vitamins is a water-soluble vitamins that is not stored in your body, so you need take it throughout the day. If you have the powder form, drink it slowly throughout the day or you could use time-release pills.

5) Panadol / Painkiller
Emergency migraine or fever. Or if there is any situation that you would need a painkiller.

6) Windproof Lighter
Use to sterilize needles or start a fire a will. There a whole notion of matches vs lighters saying that matches are full-proof but lighter actually gets the job done. Carry 2 lighters if you want to be sure.

7) Swiss army knife
This is a tools that packs a punch – its includes a toothpick, wood saw, tweezers (remove splinters), Can opener and more. I got mine in the national service or if you have a friend inside ask him to get it for you. If you are an idiot like me who is still discovering cool stuffs about your knife, this link will help you.

8) Small Mirror
Great for a facial injury or something that got into your eyes.

9) Vaseline / petroleum jelly
The pharmacist has introduced this wonderful product for cheaper replacement for lips balms. You can learn about other amazing uses of Vaseline in this over here  and here.

10) Hydration salt
After long hours vomiting or diarrhea, your body needs to be rehydrated. Alternatively, you can mix 1 teaspoon of salt and 4 to 5 teaspoons of sugar into 1 Liter of purified water.

11) Safety Pin
Sterilized and use it to drain blister and remove splinters.

12) Moleskin
The perfect remedy for blisters.

13) Diarrhea medication
I brought a Chinese medicine which is highly recommended by my mum – Bao Qi Wan. Suffering from a diarrhea or stomach upset. You can buy this at your local Chinese herb store.

14) Qin chao yu
It stinks a bit when applied. This is one of the trusted medication since young for quick recovery from cuts.

*Btw, I took out the thermometer as I didn’t find it to be worth it to bring.

Total Weight of Kit: 640g

Happy travels 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Emergency Medical Kit

  1. Jeremy Tong

    Hey Dude!!!,

    Well thought off man… I also brought mine to South America. I think you forgot 4 of the most important survival tools in case of emergencies but I think you already left? Anyways just to tell you what i brought…

    1) Emergency Blanket.
    This is essential when you get trapped out in the cold i the wild or you need an emergency liner to cover yourself during treks. Small, Handy and Reflective incase you need to get attention.

    2) Water Purifying Tablets.
    Just incase you are not sure whether the water you are drinking is safe but just drink bottled water to play safe.

    3) A good and load Whistle.
    You never know when you might get lost or injured and need a way to inform others if you are robbed or something.

    4) Lightstick.
    I always bring this incase you need to get help on the road or you need to signal for help in the dark. Useful for seeing depth of water and indicating that you were once at a certain location.

    Cheers and Allez,
    Jeremy Tong (Mountain Athlete and Adventurer)

    1. BRYAN Post author

      Haha. I am still here. Leaving on the 18th!

      Thanks so much for your advice! I also thought of some of the items before.

      1) I don’t think i’m super trekker like you. As much as it is important, I still highly doubt I will use it.

      2) This is tricky. Because if the locals can drink the water then I want me body to take it. Want to train myself for it. Plus, after traveling for a bit. I don’t want to be paranoid about small stuffs and live like the locals.

      3) This is definitely light and cheap! I like this idea 🙂

      4) I think i will just bring this to play with!! I got a couple left at home.

      Stay good man.



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