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Hello internet, meet Lyn (See picture below). She is generous, funny, ghetto, laughs like a mad woman, watches VCR tapes, hosts comedy nights at her house, she is also a nurse but most of all she is a tasteful hoarder. Remember last year, I picked up a suitcase on the side of the road with stick it with vintage map? It was at Lyn’s house with Benny!
Lyn stays in a 2-story apartment loft in Sacramento that is filled with her favorite stuffs. By day, she is a nurse and help injured people. By night, she hoards and train Bennie to be the world’s most awesome dog. Benny went for a photo shoot the other day! Check out his ghetto funky pictures.




Living Room

*Even Barrack Obama endorses the house



Hellagood-6Everyone needs some playboy!


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Hello hello! Today has been a totally delightful day. I have a really happy and long story to share so bear with me. As you have all known, my old Honda Accord aka The Red Chariot which I bought last winter has been waiting for me loyally at my friend’s house in LA. I am so happy to be reunited with red chariot this summer and looking forward to taking it on adventures all around California. Yeahhhh!!!

Owning a car has taught me so much. Ever since I bought the civic, so much has happened.
– I got a ticket for talking on the phone,
– Got pulled over by police and was given only a warning because I have a foreign driving license. *lucky
– The car tires EXPLODED in the middle of the freeway! (see picture below)
– The stick shift suddenly stopped working
– One back door stopped working and the other one has a permant child-lock
– I almost killed the engine by not putting in engine oil

and the list goes on..



For the past few days, I had a little brake problem with my car. So, I went to the internet and figured it might just need more brake fluid. I brought it to a random mechanic shop wanting to refill my brake fluid. The asian bossman handed me his bottle of brake fluid and said “use it but it might be a bigger problem”. After a test drive, the problem still persist so I went to this other mechanic. He told me what might be the problem but still needs a closer look and quoted $300 to fix it. He was helpful and didn’t give me any pressure at all. I took the car for a spin and the problem is gone. Wala! Probably because it needs a few stepping on the brake pedal.

I want to do something nice for the 2 mechanics. So, what might be a better idea than a big bottle of Mountain Dew on a hot summer day. Both of them were totally surprised and happy!! Me including 🙂

Afterwards, I wanted to buy some engine oil from the second mechanic but instead he gave me a bottle of it. He said “this is for you in exchange of the Mountain Dew”. I got a free bottle of engine oil. Yayyy!!

I went to Starbucks afterwards to write my blog and practice Calligraphy. I remembered reading a blog post from Happiness Is by Shannon and decided to buy the next person a hot chocolate. The girl from the counter was so impressed and gave me a gift card for my next drink.


How did I feel today? I can’t stop smiling inside and feeling happy for the whole day. I slowly sipped my hot Chocolate and hoped that the person who received the hot Chocolate would enjoy it slowly.

When is the last time you practiced a random act of kindness? What did you do? How did it make you feel?

Check out this girl who did 38 good deeds on her birthday!



I’m throwing a help out to this world. For the longest time, I am aware that I am really bad at writing. If anyone have any good resources or suggestion, please send them my way. Help!!!


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Last weekend, I took a beautiful drive down the famous highway 101 to Santa Ynez wine valley. I helped out  the super talented Rani Hoover on a beautiful wine country wedding. The Vineyard owner sums up the whole wedding by saying “A relaxing gathering with beautiful scenery, good local food, wine and produces”. The whole wedding uses organic and locally grown Olives, Wheat, meat, flowers, wines.

This is a wedding that inspires and connects. It fuels me to go back home to start creating wedding that connects people closer to the simple happiness in life.

What are your thoughts on Organic, locally grown food? What’s your favorite cheap and healthy recipes? Any great meals that have changed your life?





Hellagood-5 Hellagood-7


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Someone asked me today”what is the biggest turning point of your life?” I pondered for a long while. There are a lot of events and decisions that changed my life dramatically but if there is one; it will be the volunteering trip in Thailand back in 2008.

When I was 18, I owned a DJ set pioneer MKIII. A huge investment that was put to waste in my hands. I decided to sell it. Days later, Niki showed up in my house with her mum to buy the system. Debbie, her mum, works at Straits Times as a journalist, quit her job to be a volunteer at Japan counseling suicidal kids. Now, she leads a volunteer project in Bangkok, called Central Thailand Mission. The project gathers resources and distributes them to the needy in Thailand. I was inspired and wanted to make it happen. However, new to the solo traveling idea, I was afraid and tried asking my friends to tag along. Although the idea of volunteering sounds noble, no one including me, could really afford the time nor the money for it. Back then, I was a student and poor. So, I put aside my ego and went around gathering donations to make the trip a reality. Debbie was kind to provide me with donated coasters for me to raise fund for my trip. Finally, I managed to convince myself and my worried mum and took off on the plane.

I was scared but looking back.. It change my life. – Online Namecard

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While preparing for my trip I came across many cool and great idea.; this website was introduced by the oh so amazing Norman Teh. Today, we live in a virtual world that is all over the place. You have linkedin, Facebook, Pintrest, WordPress, Youtube and many more.. is a place to combine everything up and present it in a neat and stylish fashion. It is great for anyone who is a virtual organizer. I have just done up my and here it is!

Lemme know what are your thoughts?