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Hello hello! Today has been a totally delightful day. I have a really happy and long story to share so bear with me. As you have all known, my old Honda Accord aka The Red Chariot which I bought last winter has been waiting for me loyally at my friend’s house in LA. I am so happy to be reunited with red chariot this summer and looking forward to taking it on adventures all around California. Yeahhhh!!!

Owning a car has taught me so much. Ever since I bought the civic, so much has happened.
– I got a ticket for talking on the phone,
– Got pulled over by police and was given only a warning because I have a foreign driving license. *lucky
– The car tires EXPLODED in the middle of the freeway! (see picture below)
– The stick shift suddenly stopped working
– One back door stopped working and the other one has a permant child-lock
– I almost killed the engine by not putting in engine oil

and the list goes on..



For the past few days, I had a little brake problem with my car. So, I went to the internet and figured it might just need more brake fluid. I brought it to a random mechanic shop wanting to refill my brake fluid. The asian bossman handed me his bottle of brake fluid and said “use it but it might be a bigger problem”. After a test drive, the problem still persist so I went to this other mechanic. He told me what might be the problem but still needs a closer look and quoted $300 to fix it. He was helpful and didn’t give me any pressure at all. I took the car for a spin and the problem is gone. Wala! Probably because it needs a few stepping on the brake pedal.

I want to do something nice for the 2 mechanics. So, what might be a better idea than a big bottle of Mountain Dew on a hot summer day. Both of them were totally surprised and happy!! Me including 🙂

Afterwards, I wanted to buy some engine oil from the second mechanic but instead he gave me a bottle of it. He said “this is for you in exchange of the Mountain Dew”. I got a free bottle of engine oil. Yayyy!!

I went to Starbucks afterwards to write my blog and practice Calligraphy. I remembered reading a blog post from Happiness Is by Shannon and decided to buy the next person a hot chocolate. The girl from the counter was so impressed and gave me a gift card for my next drink.


How did I feel today? I can’t stop smiling inside and feeling happy for the whole day. I slowly sipped my hot Chocolate and hoped that the person who received the hot Chocolate would enjoy it slowly.

When is the last time you practiced a random act of kindness? What did you do? How did it make you feel?

Check out this girl who did 38 good deeds on her birthday!



I’m throwing a help out to this world. For the longest time, I am aware that I am really bad at writing. If anyone have any good resources or suggestion, please send them my way. Help!!!




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